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Personal Loans

Instant Finance specialises in short term, personal loans. We've been helping people in New Zealand with their personal finance for over 45 years. You may be looking for instant loans and that's what we aim to achieve, but we also offer you so much more. There's an easy to understand personal loan application process, a range of really exciting products to explore and a commitment to not only responsible lending but advice on understanding late fees and responsibilities, interest rates, repayment schedules and household budgets.

Customer Support - Find A Branch We provide personal cash loans between $200 - $20,000 with terms specifically suited to your budget. Our maximum loan term is 3 years and we advise you to take a look at our FAQS and FEES page to get a full understanding of how the lending process works.

Experience the Instant Finance service for yourself by applying for your personal loan now! Find your nearest branch using our easy Branch Finder or apply for a loan online.

Don't like forms? Ring us on 0800 760 000 and speak to a finance company who cares!

We have experienced,helpful and easy to ask staff. They'll help you with any queries like unsecured lending, bad credit assessments, small loans and how to turn your loan request into reality.

Understand and and care about our customers, You can count on that.

Email the Online team at: finance@if.co.nz or click here to download our loan application so you can e-mail, fax, post or bring it in to your nearest branch TODAY! Getting your personal finance sorted out with a great personal loan has never been easier.

There's a reason Instant Finance have been around for over 45 years.